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2. 跨領域結合機電設計與臨床醫學需求

a. 大型低溫電漿出口設計,出口設計最大可達直徑10公分。

b. 電漿出口溫度在攝氏30-35度,即使連續使用八小時溫度亦不會上升。

c. 主機微小化設計,達成節省空間與使用、運送方便。

1.Regardless of the design of the large-area plasma nozzle or the uniformity of its plasma, it is a world-first achievement, making us the pioneer in Taiwan for exploring the application of plasma in the field of biomedicine. 2.Interdisciplinary integration of mechanical and electrical design with clinical medical needs. a.Design of a large-scale low-temperature plasma outlet, with an outlet diameter of up to 10 centimeters. b.Plasma outlet temperature maintained at 30-35 degrees Celsius, with no significant increase even after continuous use for eight hours. c.Compact mainframe design, achieving space and usage efficiency, as well as easy transportation.


Introduction of Earendil plasma

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